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Besides information about the extended Yarbrough and allied families, there are tips for family researchers, as well as information about DNA testing.

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This is one of several family crests depicted in the "Great Window" of Heslington Hall, York University.

This is the crest used by Charles David Yarborough in his Yarbrough Family Magazine.

Welcome to our site!

We are very pleased you dropped by. This site is devoted to the extended Yarbrough and allied families. While there are a hundred–odd variant spellings of our name, we are all part of one of the dozen or so oldest English houses. Our family traces its roots back to the mid–ninth century, AD. We've been in the New World since ca 1642, when Richard ("The Immigrant") Yarborough arrived and settled on Pamunkey Creek in the Virginia Colony. Since then, the family has spread across the southeastern and southwestern states and the far west, with others scattered across the mid-west.

This year's Yarbrough Family Conference will be the weekend of October 7th in Charleston, SC. The venue has not yet been firmed up and will be announced here and on our Facebook page as soon as it has been determined.

There will be seminars for family researchers, research time, as well as sight-seeing and just plain visiting time. A copy of the extensive set of family records will also be available, both in printed and digital form.

It's dues paying time again, just click here or mail in your payment. Membership includes a subscription to the Yarbrough Family Quarterly and access to everything on this site.

The January issue of The Yarbrough Family Quarterly is now available. Sign-in and click the icon of the Quarterly to view it.

Also, the residue of documents left over from the scanning project have been put into order and scanned. Indexing these volumes, which brings the total number up to 159, is underway and soon be joining the 139 Blandford series of records!

Who we are...

We Yarbroughs represent the character which makes our nation great. While there is little doubt that our roots are from one of the oldest houses of Old England, we in America are yeomanry through and through. We are farmers, craftsmen, merchants, doctors, teachers, clergy, performing artists, civil servants, warriors, and more. Without us and our kind, life as we know it would be considerably different. We believe in our Maker, our family, our country, and ourselves. We do not accept charity from the state; rather, we give to others as much as we can. We do not whine and complain about our lot; we do what we can as best we can. We believe in leaving each place better than when we arrived. Above all, we respect others and welcome them into our lives. We have a strong sense of duty, civic pride, and a firm belief in justice. All in all, we are a good family, and each of us make it so.
Leonard Yarbrough
This first appeared in The Yarbrough Family Quarterly, Volume 20, Nr. 2, pg. 10.

If you are a Yarbrough or a member of an allied family, we would be very pleased to have you as a member of the Association. The Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association, Inc. (YNGHA) represents the extended Yarbrough and allied families. A not-for-profit organization, the YNGHA came into being when a group of dedicated family members corrected the grave marker of the family's oldest known ancestor. We're quite proud of the heritage and history of our extended families, and the site has been configured to share as much as possible with our visitors. We ask only that our visitors register and sign-in to view other pages at this site.

Allied Families...

In genealogical terms, an allied family is one related by marriage. Prior to the modern era, these families were an intergral part of an individual family's life and livelihood. They worked together, immigrated together, traveled together, sharing both the good times and hardships of life in the growing New World. Indeed, a family's very existence often depended upon its allied families.

Our allied families include the Becks, Culpeppers, Gostwicks, Handleys, Hudsons, Lees, Lucas, Masons, Megginsons, Merrills, Mixons, Moores, Murphrees, Reids, Thomas, and Thompson, among others. The genealogical records of these and other related families may supply information that members of our family themselves do/did not provide.

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