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Know your oldest ancestor? Peter Yerburgh's History of the Yarbrough Family (Volume 134 of The Blandford Series) traces the history of the purported eleventh oldest English family house. Volume 135 is a compilation of the articles written by Peter over the lifetime of our Assocation; the set is also available for those who wish to have this wonderful collection of material. These two volumes comprise a definitive history of our family's origins.

The Blandford Series...

The Blandford Series of Yarbrough Family Records is now viewable online. Each volume is available for purchase online. These volumes, which were rolled out at the conference in Dallas last September, are offered as a complete set on a single DVD and as individual volumes on a CD. There are presently thirteen family sets for those ancestors for which we have multiple volumes of records. All volumes are indexed and searchable with Adobe® Acrobat Reader.

All volumes are indexed, and these are the master indices of the complete set:

Master Index (A through Max)      Master Index (May through Z)

Copies of these volumes may be ordered from our Book Store.

Please note that The Blandford Series will be a undergoing a continuing review and editing process. The focus of this effort is to correct as many of the deficiencies that exist in many of the volumes comprising the series. Members who remain in paid up status are entitled to updated versions of volumes which they may have purchased. Simply respond by email or letter to any notices of volume upgrades that may be published, either on this site or in The Yarbrough Family Quarterly.

Share your family history with us...

We really want to hear from you about your family, be it family lore, historical pictures and/or photographs. Don't worry about the grammar and syntax — we'll clean it up and let you see how it reads before publishing anything. Full attribution will be given for any submission. We also solicit the submission of family records that add to our collection of genealogical data. Send your material (on paper, Word, PDF -- images in JPG, TIFF or PNG) as an attachment to the Quarterly Editor. Alternatively, mail your material to Editor, YNGHA, 277 Three Oaks Road, Blountsville, AL 35031-6068.