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The Blandford Series of Yarbrough Family Records is a collection of 171 volumes of family genealogy and history, compiled by our Yarbrough family researchers and delivered on a DVD. This is a marvelous addition for a personal or your favorite local library. If you're not a YNGHA member, why not join our Association and receive the member discount? Click here to view the catalog of these volumes. A preview of each volume is provided by clicking on the volume title.

Also, as this series is updated, members in good standing are entitled to free upgrades of any volumes they have purchased, whether individual volumes or sets of volumes.

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The Blandford Series have multiple volumes on CDs for these early Yarbrough ancestors; Ambrose, Edmund, Henry, James, John, John Swanson, John Wesley, Thomas, Thomas Griggs, Manoah, Nimrod, William, and Zachariah. YNGHA members receive a discount on these volumes. These sets may be reviewed and ordered from the catalog listing.

Two of The Blandford Series volumes are historical accounts of our British ancestry, as researched and authored by Charles Peter Yerburgh. Peter is an accomplished genealogist and family researcher, and his research has yielded considerable knowledge about the origins and ancestry of our extended families.

His two volumes, on a CD, make an attractive gift and welcome addition to any library, be it personal or institutional. YNGHA members receive a discount on these volumes. Preview The Yerburgh Family History and The Collected Articles of Charles Peter Yerburgh.

Peter Yerburgh's Volumes (2)

Southern Journeys, Descendants of Joshua Yarborough by Cleveland "Cy" Yarborough, Salem, VA, 2007, 752 pages.

A comprehensive record of the first Joshua Yarborough (ca. 1715 - 1780) and his line. In addition to the genealogical records, there's commentary and family photographs. This record comes with an extensive index, and the author periodically updates this record with corrections and minor addenda. It is a "must have" record for those who descend from Joshua Yarborough. $10.00 per copy, plus S&H $2.00.

Individual volumes of the Blandford Series on a CD. Order one or several selections. Association members receive a member's discount. Click here for to view the catalog of available volumes. A preview of each volume is provided by clicking on the volume title.

Please note that The Blandford Series will be a undergoing a continuing review and editing process. The focus of this effort is to correct as many of the deficiencies that exist in many of the volumes comprising the series. Members who remain in paid up status are entitled to updated versions of volumes which they may have purchased. Simply respond by email or letter to any notices of volume upgrades that may be published, either on this site or in The Yarbrough Family Quarterly.

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