YNGHA Submission and Posting Policies

This web site is for the benefit and use of members of the Yarbrough National Genealogical and Historical Association, Inc., as well as for the general public. Pertinent material from all sources is welcome, although there are some restrictions as to what can be posted.

We welcome submissions from everyone, especially family photographs, stories, family lore and news articles about the accomplishments of the members of our extended families.

  1. No ads or offering for sale of items will be accepted. However, annoucements of events, invitations, and similar events , which include a price or request for a donation for admission or services, are acceptable.

  2. Current news, historical items and notes, photographs, items from sources that can be digitally rendered, may be offered for posting.

  3. Items taken from other publications (newspapers, magazines, bulletins, periodicals) must cite the source by name, date, and issue.

  4. Format of photographs may be prints or digitally rendered. If the latter, the format size should be at least 480 x 320 image size, in JPG, JPEG or TIFF format and with a 256 color resolution. Larger images should be reduced to this size, in order to facilitate downloading of the image.

  5. Written material should be in Microsoft Word®, OpenOffice or Adobe Acrobat® PDF format.

  6. All submitted material should be accompanied by a completed and signed release form.

  7. Material that is to be returned must include a SASE.

  8. Unless otherwise stated or stipulated, unattributed material will be shown as being under copyright by the YNGHA. Copyrighted material from a third party should not be submitted without written permission to reprint the material.

Please note that it may take up to two weeks before any submitted material appears on the YNGHA web site.
Material intended for The Yarbrough Family Quarterly may take as long as six months before publication.

Submissions may be emailed to the or mailed to:
Editor, The Yarbrough Family Quarterly
277 Three Oaks Road
Blountsville, AL 35031-6068.
Page last updated April 21, 2018.