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Known Variations of the Family Name

While the spelling of the family name historically has been 'Yarborough' or 'Yarbrough", there are in fact over ninety renditions of the name. The following are many of the known spellings that have been encountered in genealogical research; the list is not exhaustive.

Garbrough, Jabary, Uarbry
Tarbrough, Tarborough
Yabre, Yarba
Yarbah, Yarbar
Yarbaro, Yarbarough
Ybarra, Yarbary
Yarbath, Yarbaw
Yarbeory, Yarber
Yarberoth, Yarberough
Yarberrey, Yarberry
Yarbery, Yarbey
Yarbo, Yarboarough
Yarbois, Yarbor
Yarborah, Yarborary
Yarboraugh, Yarborey
Yarborg, Yarboro

Yarborough, Yarborow
Yarborro, Yarborrough
Yarborrow, Yarborugh
Yarbory, Yarbough
Yarbour, Yarboura
Yarbourah, Yarbourgh
Yarbourou, Yarboury
Yarbouy, Yarbow
Yarbra, Yarbrah
Yarbraugh, Yarbraw
Yarbre, Yarbreay
Yarbree, Yarbrey
Yarbrigh, Yarbro
Yarbrogh, Yarbroh
Yarbrou, Yarbrough
Yarbrouy, Yarbrow

Yarbrugh, Yarbry
Yarburg, Yarburgh
Yarburough, Yarbury
Yaroborough, Yarobrough
Yarrowbough, Yartmigh
Yarytrighe, Yearberry
Yearborough, Yearbrough
Yearbury, Yerberry
Yerborough, Yerbro
Yerbrough, Yerbrow
Yerburgh, Yorboro
Yorborough, Yorbro
Yorbrough, Yurbrough
Zarboro, Zarborrough
The most common spellings are Yarborough, Yarbrough, Yarber, Yarbro, Yarboro, and Yarberry.

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