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Nearly all the archived material is in Adobe Portable File Format (PDF, and most were rendered into searchable status with Adobe Acrobat, Version 10. Any of the popular PDF readers that can read Version 8 or later should suffice. Acrobat® Reader is readily available from Adobe's downloads page

While these records are provided as a service to our members, no claims of accuracy are made. Information contained in older records may be superseded by more recent research, so caution is required in using these records. The viewer is responsible for performing his/her own due diligence concerning the accuracy of any material obtained from these records.

All material at this site is subject to the copyright laws of the United States. Material may be freely used by Yarbrough family researchers; all others are requested to provide proper attribution for material they use. None of the material may be used for commercial purposes without permission of the YNGHA.

All the publications listed below are maintained on this site, except for the Blandford Series of volumes.

Nelle Morris Jenkin's
Yarbrough Family Quarterly

Mrs. Jenkins' Quarterly is actually in the form of a newsletter and was published between September 1960 and September 1963. Mrs. Jenkins died Dec. 19, 1963.

Mrs. Jenkins used/cited material obtained from a former Alabama legislator, State Senator George Yarbrough. Senator Yarbrough was justifiably proud of his family roots, he was one of the earliest chroniclers of our Yarbrough family. While some of his findings have been superseded by later information, we are nonetheless indebted to him for his endeavors on behalf of our extended families.

The Yarborough
Family Magazine

Charles David ("Texas Charley") Yarborough was inspired by Nelle Morris Jenkins' newsletter. He began the Yarborough Family Magazine in August 1966 and published it until his death.

The Yarbrough Interim Newsletter

The Newsletter was published by Charles Henry ("Tennesee Charley") Yarbro until the Yarbrough Family Quarterly began publication in 1991.

The Yarbrough
Family Quarterly

The Blandford Series
of Genealogical Records

This is aset of records is composed of 159 digitized volumes of material amassed over the life of the YNGHA. The online catalog of volumes provides an abbreviated sample from each volume. These volumes are available through our bookstore. The Blandford Series was introduced to the YNGHA membership at this year's conference in Dallas, TX, September 25, 2015, with demonstration DVD copies available for members to review.

Peter Yerburgh's

Reverend Charles Peter Yerburgh (CoE) is a meticulous Yarbrough family researcher, especially in the English lines. Peter has provided considerable insight into the life and times of the our English forebears, as well as providing considerable insight into the ancestry of our reputed oldest Yarbrough immigrant to the New World. The YNGHA is greatly in his debt for his contributions, which are included in two of volumes of the Blandford Series.

Articles of particular interest include:

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